Special Honors

Each year, the American Epilepsy Society honors the most accomplished professionals in the field of epilepsy with our Research and Recognition Awards. Nominations are solicited through a public call in the spring of each year. The Research and Recognition Awards Committee selects candidates for the following awards and recommends them for Board approval:

  • Extraordinary Contributions to the Field of Epilepsy
    Recognizes those who have made extraordinary contributions across multiple fronts, including science, education, leadership, and advocacy. The award is presented only when the Board of Directors determines there is a candidate whose accomplishments embody the spirit of the recognition.
  • Founders Award
    Honors AES members who have a record of lifetime contributions and accomplishments related to epilepsy. The award is funded by the Lennox and Lombroso Trust for Research and Training, which was established in 1962 to advance and disseminate knowledge concerning epilepsy in all of its aspects—biological, clinical, and social—and to promote better care and treatment for persons with epilepsy. The award, formerly titled the Lennox Award, has been a top honor bestowed by AES since 1966.
  • Basic Science Research Award and Clinical Science Research Award
    Given annually to active scientists and clinicians working in all aspects of epilepsy research. The awards recognize professional excellence reflected in a distinguished history of research of important promise for the improved understanding and treatment of epilepsy.
  • J. Kiffin Penry Award for Excellence in Epilepsy Care
    Recognizes individuals whose work has had a major impact on patient care and improved the quality of life for persons with epilepsy. This award, originally funded by Abbott Laboratories and now supported by the AES J. Kiffin Penry Fund, was established in 1997 in appreciation of Dr. Penry’s lifelong focus on and genuine concern for the patient with epilepsy.
  • AES Distinguished Service Award
    Honors AES member volunteers whose exemplary service to AES has advanced the mission of AES and strengthened the field of epilepsy. Established in 1993, members in any category—including advocates and those in other non-medical or non-scientific roles—are eligible for this award. 


Lecture Awards

  • Lombroso Lecture
    Named in memory of past president Cesare T. Lombroso, MD, PhD, the Lombroso Lecture is delivered each year by a clinician or scientist who is considered to be an outstanding investigator in the field of epilepsy research. The AES president, the chair of the Annual Meeting Committee, and the chair of the Scientific Program Committee jointly select the lecturer.
  • Dreifuss LectureSupported by the AES Fritz Dreifuss Fund, this lecture features topics related to clinical epilepsy research and outstanding patient care, delivered by a lecturer during the Presidential Symposium who has an exemplary record of accomplishment in those areas. It honors the memory of AES past president Fritz E. Dreifuss, MD, a leading clinical epilepsy specialist and investigator who founded the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program at the University of Virginia and mentored generations of epilepsy researchers who are now leaders in the field.
  • Rebecca Goldberg Kaufman Clinical Award in Ethical NeuropsychiatryThe annual Kaufman Lecture, presented during the Best Practices in Clinical Epilepsy Symposium, highlights issues related to clinical neuropsychiatry, the psychiatric aspects of epilepsy, and/or the use of antiepileptic drugs in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. It honors the memory of educator Rebecca Goldberg Kaufman, mother of a child with epilepsy, and advocates for increased education and research about the psychological impact of epilepsy and the psychiatric effects of anticonvulsants. The lecture and award are supported by the Rebecca Goldberg Kaufman Ethical Neuropsychiatry Award Fund.  


Annual Meeting Travel Awards

The following awards for outstanding abstracts are awarded by AES:

  • Jack M. Pellock Award in Pediatric Excellence
  • Suzanne and Peter Berry International Abstract Award
  • CAMELICE (best paper(s) from the Mexican League Against Epilepsy)
  • Kimford J. Meador Research in Women with Epilepsy Award
  • Grass Foundation Young Investigator Award
  • Nurse and Advanced Practice Provider Abstract Awards
  • Young Investigator Awards


To learn more about AES abstract awards, please visit the AES Annual Meeting Website.