Accredited Education

The following AES 2022 sessions offer credit.


DateSessionIn-Person/Live CMEOn-Demand CMEIn-Person/Live Pharmacy/Nursing CEOn-Demand Pharmacy/Nursing CE
12/2/2022Epilepsy Specialist Symposium | What is a Seizure After All?
12/2/2022Annual Fundamentals Symposium |  Beyond Seizure Treatment: Tapping Into the Community for Care2.502.503.003.00
12/2/2022Special Lecture | Epilepsy Fellowship Program Directors Meeting2.002.00  
12/2/2022SIG | Clinical Epilepsy for the Advanced Practice Provider: Subspecialty Clinics— Leveraging APPs to Improve Access1.501.502.502.50
12/2/2022SIG | Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies (DEE): Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathy — From Diagnostic to Treatment Odyssey1.50 2.502.50
12/2/2022SIG | Global Health: Optimizing Epilepsy Care in Areas in Need — Training and Program Building 1.50 2.002.00
12/2/2022AES-CNF Symposium | Genetic Testing in Epilepsy: Improving Outcomes and Informing Gaps in Research3.003.002.502.50
12/2/2022Spanish Symposium | Seizures and use of EEG in the ICU2.502.501.50 
12/2/2022Special Lecture | 20th Judith Hoyer Lecture in Epilepsy: Children Are Different – Advances in Early Life Epilepsy Assessment, Treatment, and Outcomes0.750.751.50 
12/2/2022Special Lecture | Dobbs vs Jackson in Epilepsy2.
12/2/2022SIG | Cognitive and Behavioral Treatment for Epilepsy: Disparities in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 1.50 2.502.50
12/2/2022SIG | Critical Care Epilepsy: Status Epilepticus Management — Beyond Anti-seizure Medications and Anesthetics1.501.503.003.00
12/2/2022SIG | Magnetoencephalography (MEG): From Spikes to Seizures to Networks — Magnetoencephalography in Focal Epilepsy1.50  1.501.50
12/3/2022SIG | Children's Hour: Pushing Boundaries: Epilepsy Surgery in Infants and Young Children1.501.501.50 
12/3/2022SIG | Data Science in Epilepsy: Open Data Ecosystems — Language, Tools, and Pipelines for Open Science in Epilepsy    
12/3/2022SIG | Genetics: Prophecy of Bioinformatics vs Functional Modeling in Predicting Variant Function1.501.501.501.50
12/3/2022SIG | Neuroimaging: Imaging of Cognitive Reorganization in Epilepsy 1.50   
12/3/2022SIG | Pregnancy Outcomes: Neurocognitive Outcomes in Adolescents, Fertility, Depression, and Folic Acid Use1.501.501.50 
12/3/2022SIG | Stereoelectroencephalography (sEEG): sEEG Methodology Applied to Temporal Lobe Epilepsies 1.501.501.50 
12/3/2022Presidential Symposium | Semiology in Epilepsy: John Hughlings-Jackson’s Clinical Epileptology Revisited2.752.751.501.50
12/3/2022Advanced Practice Provider Symposium | Practical Approaches to Pharmacological Management of Epilepsy2.502.502.502.50
12/3/2022Epilepsy Therapies Symposium | New Approaches to Drug Resistant Epilepsy2.502.502.752.75
12/3/2022Investigators Workshop | Advances of the Lafora Epilepsy Cure Initiative: A Research Pathway to Treat and Cure Other Epilepsies 1.501.502.002.00
12/3/2022Best Practices in Clinical Epilepsy Symposium | Access to Care for the Underserved Managing Epilepsy2.502.502.502.50
12/3/2022Neurosurgery Symposium | Epilepsy Surgery Controversies: A Case Based Discussion2.502.501.501.50
12/4/2022Annual Course | Epilepsy in the Era of Personalized Medicine6.006.001.501.50
12/4/2022Investigators Workshop | Non-Seizure Outcomes in Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies  1.50 1.501.50
12/4/2022Investigators Workshop | Riding the Wave: Current and Future Contributions of Zebrafish Models to Epilepsy Research  1.50   
12/4/2022Susan Spencer Symposium | Patient-Centered Research: Over A Decade of Impact on Practice2.502.501.50 
12/4/2022Investigators Workshop | Iatrogenic Epilepsy and Encephalopathy in Immune Therapies for Cancer  1.50 1.50 
12/4/2022Investigators Workshop | Interaction between Physiological and Pathological Oscillations in Memory 1.501.50  
12/4/2022SIG | Ictal Semiology: Generators of Seizure Semiology — Localization and Propagation Patterns 1.501.501.50 
12/4/2022SIG | Women's Issues in Epilepsy: Aging, Menopause, and Bone Health in Women with Epilepsy 1.501.501.50 
12/5/2022SIG | Neuropsychology: Big Data in Cognition in Epilepsy — Clinical and Research Utility 1.50 1.50 
12/5/2022SIG | Seizures in Autoimmune Encephalitis: Focus on Diagnosis and Treatment Trials 1.501.501.501.50
12/5/2022Merritt-Putnam Symposium | Recent Insights into Epileptic Networks and Clinical Implications3.003.001.501.50
12/5/2022SIG | Psychosocial Comorbidities: Autism and Epilepsy — From Theory to Practice1.50 1.50 
12/5/2022SIG | Seizures and Cerebrovascular Disease: Seizures After Stroke — Location, Reperfusion, Risk Stratification, and Biomarkers 1.50 1.501.50
12/5/2022SIG | Temporal Lobe Club: Novel Surgical Therapies1.501.501.501.50
12/5/2022Special Lecture | AES-NAEC Joint Coding Session: Coding and Reimbursement Policies of Interest to Epileptologists and Epilepsy Centers1.501.501.501.50
12/5/2022Special Lecture | Sleep and Epilepsy Across the Lifespan2.502.502.502.50
12/5/2022Pediatric State of the Art Symposium | Addressing Knowledge Gaps in Early Life Epilepsy2.502.501.501.50
12/5/2022SIG | Tuberous Sclerosis: Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) Classification — Clinical, Physiologic, Genetic, Imaging Prognostic Features 1.501.501.501.50
12/5/2022SIG | Tumor-Related Epilepsy (TRE): Establishing Standards of Care in Medical Management 1.50 1.50 
12/6/2022SIG | EEG: What is an Epileptiform Discharge? 1.50   
12/6/2022SIG | Epilepsy and Aging: Pharmacotherapy Challenges in Managing Older Adults and Elderly with Epilepsy1.501.502.502.50
12/6/2022SIG | Pediatric Epilepsy Case Discussions: Complex and Intractable Infantile Onset Epilepsy – A Medical and a Surgical Case  1.50 2.502.50
12/6/2022SIG | Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES): Update on Neuroimaging of PNES and Other Functional Neurological Disorders (FNDs) 1.501.502.502.50
12/6/2022Hot Topics Symposium | Post-traumatic Epilepsy2.002.000.750.75
12/6/2022Scientific Symposium | The Many Facets of Neurodegeneration in Epilepsy2.002.001.501.50