2015 Annual Meeting

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Neuroinflamation - Ways in which the immune System Affects the Brain

Chair: Richard Ransohoff, MD, Biogen Idec, Inc.

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
NINDS Office of Translational Research: New Programs to Support Therapy and Device Discovery and Development Rajesh Ranganathan, Ph.D 26:18 Presentation   Video
Neuroinflammation: An overview Richard M. Ransohoff, MD   Presentation    
Neural - Immune Interactions Regulating Brain Development and Plasticity: Implications for Health Disease Dorothy Schafer; PhD 29:25     Video
Antibody - Medicated Mechanisms in Brain Development and Disease Angela Vincent, MBBS, FRCPath, FMedSci, FRS 46 min. 06 secs     Video
Regution of Immune Responses in Paraneoplastic Neurologic Disorders Nathalie Blachere, PhD 23 mins , 57 sec.      
B cells as Therapeutic Targets in Multiple Sclerosis Amit Bar-Or, MD, FRCPC 38 mins. 09 secs.      

Dinner Symposium - Current Status and Future Opportunities in Generic Drugs: industy, Investigator abd Regulatory Prespectives

Co-chairs : Mitchell Brin, MD, Allergan, inc; Kathleen Clarence Smith, MD, PhD, KM Pharmaceutical Consulting, LLC; marc Walton, MD, PhD. Janssen Research Foundation

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Overview of Generic Drugs Ray Urbanski, MD, phD 24 mins. 21 secs      
Issues with Generic Antiepileptic Drugs William Theodore, MD 12 mins. 24 secs.      
FDA Regulatory Science Interests and Generic Drugs Larissa Laptev, MD 19 mins. 42 secs.      

Sunday, February 21, 2016

What's New in Orphan Drug Development

Chair: Petra Kaufmann, MD, MSc, NIH/NCATS

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
From the Doctor's Office to DruDevelopment: a Clinician-researcer Perspective to Orphan Drug Development Jinsy Andrews, MD 25 mins. 18 secs.      
An Industry Perspective on Orphan Drug Development Bernard Ravina, MD, MS 12 mins. 46 secs      
Exploring Global Opportunities in Rare Diseases Cristina Csimma, PharmD, mHP 22 mins. 35 sec Presentation