2014 Annual Meeting

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Commonalities in the Development of Clinical Trials Measures in Neurology

Co-Chairs: Jesse Cedarbaum, MD, Consultant; Robin Elliot, MA, Parkinsons Disease Foundation; Karl Kieburtz, MD, University of Rochester,; Marc Walton, MD,PhD, FDA

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Welcome and Introduction Philip Perera and Michael Rogawski 6min. 14sec.   Audio  
Introduction Marc Walton, MD. PhD, FDA 22min. 09sec. Presentation Audio  
CAMD and C-Path Introduction Diane Stephenson, PhD, Critical Path Institute 14min. 49sec. Presentation Audio  
C-Path MS Outcomes Assessment Consortium Richard Rudick, MD, Cleveland Clinic 12min. 29sec. Presentation Audio  
Alzheimer's Association Alzheimer's Disease Initiatives Maria Carrillo, PhD, Alzheimer’s Association 18min. 06sec. Presentation Audio  
Parkinson's Disease: Updating the UPDRS Glenn Stebbins, PhD   Presentation    
Motor Neuron Disease Douglas Kerr, MD, PhD, Biogen Idec   Presentation    
NIMH Research Domain Criteria Initiative (RDoC): A Framework for Psychopathology Research Jill Heemskerk, PhD, NIH/NIMH   Presentation    
NINDS - CDE Wendy Galpern, MD, PhD, NIH/NINDS 12min. 37sec. Presentation Audio  
Outcome Measures for Neurological Trials Petra Kaufman, MD, MSc, NIH/NINDS 14min. 49sec. Presentation Audio  
Including the Patient Voice in the Development of Rating Scales David Cella, PhD, Northwestern University 22min. 21sec. Presentation Audio  

Science Non-Fiction in Neurotherapeutics

Chair: Martha Morrell, MD, NeuroPace, Inc

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Science Non-Fiction In Neurotherapeutics - Welcome & Introduction Martha Morrell, MD, NeuroPace, Inc. 2min. 22sec. Presentation Audio  
Applications of Nanotechnology for Treatment of Diseases of the Nervous System Gabriel Silva, PhD, UCSD Jacobs Retina Center 28min. 12sec. Presentation Audio  
Optogenetics: Tools for Analyzing and Repairing the Nervous System Anthony Zoros, PhD, MIT Media Lab 25min. 29sec. Presentation Audio  
Reliable Neural Interfaces for Neurotherapeutics Jack Judy, MD, PhD, Nanoscience Institute for Medical and Engineering Technology, University of Florida 34min. 52sec. Presentation Audio  
CDRH Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories Victor Krauthamer, PhD, FDA, CDRH and OSEL 17min. 08sec. Presentation Audio  

Conflict of Interest

Dinner Session - Co-Chairs: Mitchell Brin. MD, Allergan, Inc; Kathleen Clarence-Smith, MD, PhD, KM Pharmaceutical Consulting LLC

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Alan Faden, MD, Neurotherapeutics Editor-in-Chief, Ten Volumes of Excellence Howard Fereroff, MD 9min. 44sec. Presentation Audio  
Conflict of Interest Josephine Torrente, JD, Hyman, Phelps & McNamara; Sheila Walcoff, JD, Goldbug Strategies LLC 47min. 02sec.   Audio  

Friday, February 21, 2014

Cognition Workshop

Co-Chairs: Amy Chappel, MD; Jill Rasmussen, Psi-Napse

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Cognition Workshop introduction Jill Rasmussen, MD, Psi-Napse 8min. 09sec. Presentation Audio  
Designing a Battery for Clinical Trials: The MATRICS Project for Schizophrenia Richard Keefe, PhD, Duke University Medical Center 25min. 12sec. Presentation Audio  
The Problem of Cognitive Dysfunction/Decline in Epilepsy Kimford Meador, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine 28min. 31sec. Presentation Audio  

Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics: From Single DNA Nucleotides to Improved Patient Care

Chair: C. Anthony Altar, PhD, AssureRX Health, Inc.

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics Intro Introduction 4min. 47sec. Presentation Audio  
Gene Polymorphisms: How They Alter Enzymes, Transporters and CNS Response Proteins Andrea Gaedigk, PhD, Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics 42min. 20sec. Presentation Audio  
Challenges in Bringing Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics to the Clinic Roy Perlis, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital 47min. 23sec. Presentation Audio  
Using Combinatorial Pharmacogenomics to Predict and Improve Antidepressant Outcomes C. Anthony Altar, PhD, AssuRex Health, Inc. 40min. 01sec. Presentation Audio  
Next-Generation Sequencing Pharmacogenomics for Psychiatry and CNS Therapeutics Richard Weinshilboum, MD, Mayo Clinic 49min. 04sec. Presentation Audio  

Saturday, February 22, 2014