2008 Annual Meeting

ASENT's 10th Annual Meeting

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clinical Trails In Neurotherapeutics

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Phases of Therapeutic Development Virinder Nohria, M.D., Ph.D 1hr. 19min. 51sec. Presentation Audio  
Placebo: Ethics and Alternatives Samuel Frank, M.D. 1hr 19min. 51sec. Presentation Audio  
Fundamentals of Clinical Trials Endpoints Betsy Garofalo M.D. 12hr. 7min. 21sec. Presentation Audio  
Statistical Considerations in Clinical Trials Susan S. Ellenberg, Ph.D. 1hr. 7min. 21sec. Presentation Audio  
Dose Selection in Pharmaceutical Development Eliseo Salinas, M.D., Msc 48min. 07sec. Presentation Audio  
Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development Ramana S. Uppoor, R.Ph., Ph.D.   Presentation    
Equivalence, Similarity, and Non-Inferiority Marc K. Walton, M.D., Ph.D. 54min. 58sec. Presentation Audio  
Data Safety Monitoring Board Jennifer Schumi, Ph.D   Presentation    

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seventh Annual Advocacy Forum: Patient-Reported Outcome Data: Will this improve therapeutic Development

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Regulary and Industry Perspective Toni Stifano and Chris Leibman 54min. 7sec.   Audio  
Investigator Perspective Robert Griggs, M.D. 17min. 30sec.   Audio  

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Roundtable Discussion

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Why Things Are The Way They Are- Monitoring, Data Chain Of Custody, Crfs And Other Mysteries Revealed Christopher C. Gallen, M.D., Ph.D.   Presentation    

Dinner Symposium: Post-Marketing Surveillance

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Is FDA Failing Us or are we Failing FDA? Jonathan C. Javitt, M.D.,M.P.H 35min. 22sec. Presentation Audio  
Magic Bullets and Miracle Cures? The Reality Of Post-Marketing Surveillance Janice K. Bush, M.D. 12min. 59sec. Presentation Audio  
Post-Marketing Surveillance: One Division Director’s View Russell Katz, M.D 37min. 5min. Presentation Audio  

Friday, March 7, 2008

Symposium: Clinical Trails, Treatments and Tribulations in Neuroprotection and Disease Modification

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Clinical Trials in Acute Stroke Sean Savitz, M.D. 25min. 45sec.   Audio  
Clinical Trials In Alzheimer’s Disease Paul S. Aisen, M.D. 41min. 46sec. Presentation Audio  
Clinical Trials in ALS Merit E. Cudkowicz, M.D. 28min. 2sec.   Audio  
Enhancing Recover after Acute Ischemia Steven C. Cramer, M.D. 23min. 35sec.   Audio  
Advances In ALS Therapy: A Brave New World by Preclinical Studies Robert Brown, Jeffrey Rothstein, Tim Miller, Don Cleveland, Bob Ferrante, Terry Heiman Patterson & Clinical Studies - Jeremy Shefner, David Schoenfeld , Tim Miller, Northeast ALS Consortium 57min. 1sec. Presentation Audio  

General Session: How to Measure Long-Term Outcomes

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Measuring Long-Term Efficacy In Epilepsy Trials Jacqueline A. French M.D.   Presentation    
Long-Term Outcomes after Acute Stroke Treatment Larry B. Goldstein, M.D. 20min. 38sec. Presentation Audio  
Long Term Outcomes In Alzheimer’s Disease Eric Siemers, M.D. 20min. 58sec. Presentation Audio  
Neurorehabilitation Long-Term Outcomes George F. Wittenberg, M.D., Ph.D 31min. 42sec. Presentation Audio  

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Symposium: The Science of Multi-potential Therapies - Which Indication Do You Pursue?

Title Speaker(s) Duration Presentation Audio Video
Putative Multimodal Neuroprotective, Neurorestorative and Symptomatic Drugs For Neurodegenerative Disorders Moussa. B.H. Youdim 40min. 20sec. Presentation Audio  
Botulinum Toxin's Serendipitous Targets by The Science of Multi-Potential Therapies Clare J. Fowler 31min. 20sec. Presentation Audio  
Multi-Potential Therapies Which Indication Do You Go After? - Antiseizure Drugs As Neuromodulators Roy Twyman 40min. 48sec. Presentation Audio  
Clinical Development of Marketed Drugs for New Uses Russell Katz, M.D. 54min. 39sec. Presentation Audio